Thursday, February 25, 2010

Demo Reel Title Style Frame

Finally I've completed my pre-production class. The presentation was a great success! Thank you for all who had listened. Here I posted my final demo reel title page. Hopefully you'll like the style I employed.

My older work on Photoshop, couldn't find the original - go to my website to see bigger version.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vampire Bat Study

I have to create an animal for my third asset. So I was thinking of Vampire Bat. I just love their weird/intimidating look. Each of their family has different facial features. Anyway here are my study and final sketch for my third asset, real fast gesture and mostly under 10 minutes. Final sketch done with pencil and then scanned, then colored in PS. It is 3AM, I can't think no more, hope you enjoy.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile

Ah finally I got some time to upload some of my recent work for my pre-production class. So much work to do these last couple of days. But no excuse, here is my own interpretation of Major Guile from Street Fighter II. I tried not to make it too realistic since I want to play with new style. I got the pose from the live action movie of Street Fighter back in 1994. The movie sucks by the way but Jean Claude Van Damme is awesome hahaha :)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Samuel L. Jackson Bust

There is a flaw to this piece, which is the ear and a little bit on his mouth area. But I am happy and I gotta move forward.

Ah this one I created back in September 2009. I was so excited to be able to create a bust from a famous actor for my art test. It was my 2nd Zbrush/digital sculpting project. My first was doing a tutorial from a book. Anyway this project had brought me so much knowledge about 3d sculpting. This project made me truly appreciate a good workflow and focus on efficiency. 35 hours total spent in this project, well back then I got so many classes and I have to divide those hours within 2 weeks.


Old Sketch - WIP

This one I made when I was bored and I wanted to create a demonic knight. I ended up borrowing some style from some video games concept. I can't be always creative but I learned a lot through this sketch. I tried to finished it and put some colored but I decided to move on.


Big & Tasty

The name say it all... hahaha no not really, it just happened that the image and the title create a somekind of misunderstanding. Actually this was created a day before Fruit Salad was made, another 8 hours spent in front of my monitor.
I'm very happy with the final.


Fruit Salad

This is the finished painting. The project name was Happy meal project and all the painting under this project were name after McDonalds menu... well I supposed I have to be more creative with naming but it works fine.

Fruit Salad Painting Process

Here is another painting I did back in January, first time to actually spent my time and complete my project. 8 hours in photoshop. This is the process I've been through, very powerful steps I found in a art magazine while waiting for oil change in WalMart. Thanks walmart hahaha...


Idi Amin Painting Process

Just incase if anyone wants to know how I create my painting, these were the steps I've been gone through. It's quite simple and the key is keep fixing through out the process before adding any photoshop filter or play with the level. The most important is don't waste too much time on your sketch if you are going to paint but If you are going for the "comic" style finish then you will need a clean and tight line art.


Idi Amin - Wild Man of Africa

Here is my recent project for pre-production class. I did this in Photoshop within 8 hours of actual working. From here I will recreate it in Zbrush and sculpt it in 3d. I can't wait to start working on it. I do not trace but I did use a photograph as my reference since I'm still learning how to light my painting. It is a fun project and I wish to do more painting in the future.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Coming Soon...

More of my past work will be uploaded very soon. Now I'm too tired to upload picture, rather than picture maybe some words will be a good closing post for today.

I believed that an art is not to be view or judge from what they were created(what tools etc). What I mean is, it doesn't really matter what kind of pencil or paint Pablo Picasso used to create his painting, all it matters is his painting is awesome or maybe not. The final piece is the most important thing, because from it we can really see what kind of decisions did the artist made.

hahaha... I'm just bored and I promise more art next post.



Caricature: Idi Amin

Times once called him "The Wild Man of Africa". I did this for my school project. Took me a couple of sketches to figure out how he supposed to be portray in a caricature. To draw it only takes 7-10 minutes on paper. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.


Chief's Eye

I did this for fun(december 09), just practicing with my painting skills. Done it digitally in PS. About 2 hours worth of work. Still need more practice...


Compositing Project: Fabricator

This project was created for my compositing class on December. The full resolution can't be uploaded since my original was compressed with HQ Apple Prores 422(approx 300MB file). The quality is ruined in this video but at least you got the idea what I was working on.

(software:apple color, maya, final cut, nuke, syntheyes)



It's 11:30PM in Orlando, FL. The wind is strong and the air is cold. I finally decided to create a blog where I can put my art on and be free with it. I wish to do more cool art in the future, but for now I just wanna have fun with my new Blog.